International Francqui Chair Professor Steven Vallas 2017-2018

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- Flexible Employment Regimes and Social Inequalities
Inaugural Francqui Lecture Professor Steven Vallas
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Precarity and Inequality

Negotiating Precarity : Comparative Perspectives on Post-Fordist Employment Regimes
Projected date and venue : 19th of October at UCL Organizers : Valeria Pulignano (KUL) and Laurent Taskin (UCL)

The Personal Consequences of the Neo-Liberal Turn : Subjectivity, Alienation, and Worker Health
Projected date and venue : 16th of November at ULB Organizer : Christophe Vanroelen (VUB) and Pierre Desmarez (ULB)

Neo-liberalism and ‘Active’ Labor Market Policies : Dilemmas and Debates
Projected date and venue : 14th of December at ULg Organizer : Francois Pichault (Ulg) and Ive Marx (UA)

Different Forms of Work in a Post-fordist Labor Regime : Policies, Discourses, and Experiences
Projected date and venue : 18th of January at UGent Organizer : Lesley Hustinx (UGhent) and Valeria Pulignano (KUL)

Final Conference
8 February 2018, Hasselt University. Organizers : Patrizia Zanoni (UHasselt) and Valeria Pulignano (KUL)

Neo-liberalism and social differences : Organizing ‘diversity’
Projected date and venue : 8th of February at UHasselt Organizer : Patrizia Zanoni (UHasselt) and Christophe Vanroelen (VUB)

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