The Ashgate Research Companion to Lesbian and Gay Activism

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Paternotte David, Tremblay Manon

David Paternotte, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium and Manon Tremblay, Université d’Ottawa, CanadaThe Ashgate Research Companion to Lesbian and Gay Activism provides scholars and students with a comprehensive and authoritative state-of-the-art review of the current research in this subject.

Each of the 22 specially commissioned chapters develops and summarises their key issue or debate in relation to activism-that is the claims, strategies and mobilisations (including internal debates and divisions, impediments and state responses) of the lesbian and gay movement.

By drawing together leading scholars from political science, sociology, anthropology and history this companion provides an up to the minute snapshot of current scholarship as well as signposting several fruitful avenues for future research. This book is both an invaluable resource for scholars and an indispensable teaching tool for use in the classroom.Contents : Introduction : investigating lesbian and gay activism, David Paternotte and Manon Tremblay. Part I Lesbian and Gay Activism through Time : Sodomy, effeminacy, identity : mobilizations for same-sexual loves and practices before the Second World War, Gert Hekma ; The homophile movement, Julian Jackson ; Gay liberation and its legacies, Jeffrey Weeks ; AIDS activism from North to global, Christophe Broqua ; Queer movement, Gavin Brown. Part II Identity and its Discontents : LGBT identity and the displacement of sexual liberation : New York City (1969-1986), Mary Bernstein ; The spatial politics of gay pride parades and festivals : emotional activism, Lynda Johnston and Gordon Waitt ; Lesbians, second-wave feminism and gay liberation, Julie Podmore and Manon Tremblay ; People of color mobilization in LGBT movements in the Netherlands and the United States, Nicholas Boston and Jan Willem Duyvendak ; Inside or outside ? Bisexual activism and the LGBTI community, Kirsten McLean ; Trans activism and LGB movements : odd bedfellows ?, Janneke van der Ros and Joz Motmans. Part III Social Movement Environment : Political institutions and LGBTQ activism in comparative perspective, Miriam Smith ; Lesbian and gay rights and the courts, Susan Gluck Mezey ; ‘Lesbian and gay rights are human rights’ : multiple globalizations and LGBTI activism, David Paternotte and Hakan Seckinelgin ; Caught in a web ? The internet and deterritorialization of LGBT activism, Phillip M. Ayoub and Olga Brzezińska ; Faith and religion, Stephen Hunt ; Neoliberalism, citizenship and activism, Diane Richardson. Part IV Claims and Debates : Decriminalizing homosexuality : gaining rights through sodomy law reform, Melinda D. Kane ; SM politics, SM communities in the United States, Rostom Mesli and Gayle Rubin ; Same-sex partnership and marriage : the success and costs of transnational activism, Kelly Kollman ; Rainbow families and the state : how policies shape reproductive choices, Nina Eggert and Isabelle Engeli ; Afterword : liberating generations : continuities and change in the radical queer Western era, Ken Plummer. Index.

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